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Northern Territory's directional drilling specialists for 35+ years.

Specialist drilling is guaranteed when you contact the experts at DrillPower NT.

Our contractors utilise a versatile selection of machinery—including advanced 4WD drilling rigs and detector/locating technology—which allow us to accurately bore into all kinds of material, including coarse rock.

Ground water hole drilling machine installed - drilling in Howard Springs, NT

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Our Drilling Technique

Using Directional Drilling, our experienced operators can now drill underground to provide channels for your water, gas, electrical, telecommunication cables, sewerage, and more.

Digging trenches can only get you so far, especially when complications—such as concrete structures, driveways, roads, paths, walls—get in your way.

Directional Drilling provides a much-needed solution. This type of drilling, unlike traditional techniques, enables us to drill not just vertically but horizontally or at any angle, including upwards.

Using advanced 4WD drilling rigs along with detector/locating technology, our operators at DrillPower NT can drill accurately through all kinds of material, including concrete and coarse rock.

Need help with an upcoming utility installation? Speak to our team for reliable, horizontal directional drilling.

Unlike traditional open-cut boring, this type of drilling allows for water, gas, electric, comms and sewerage utilities to be laid without disruption. This makes it a particularly popular choice for projects that include roads, highways, paths and driveways. 

When you choose DrillPower NT, you know you’re investing in a service that is fully licensed and accredited by reputable, nationwide power providers including CAL, PowerWater and Telstra. 

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